Registration Fee

A yearly registration fee of $25.00 is due when your child signs up each year for Gymbus classes. The registration fee covers a variety of items each year for your child including insurance, t-shirt, and awards. Registration fees are prorated if your child begins late or your family has multiple children attending Gymbus.

Tuition Rates

Term Tuition (10 weeks – 4 payments per year)

  • Our most popular tuition option:  4 payments will be made every 10 weeks in the amount of $115.00.

Session Tuition (20 weeks – 2 payments per year)

  • With this option, parents only pay 2 times per year. Each payment is in the amount of $225.00.

Returned Check Fee

A $25.00 returned check fee will be assessed to any returned check. Additionally, cash will be the only accepted form of payment for future tuition payments once a check is bounced. Please contact Kids Klub Gymbus if you have a unique situation.

Inclement Weather Policy

Normally, the Gymbus cancels classes when the Francis Howell School District cancels school for the day. However, if the district cancels for any reason other than WEATHER RELATED ISSUES, the Gymbus may run classes. Please contact the daycare or our FACEBOOK PAGE if you have specific questions related to a specific day. Make up class information will be emailed to parents.