We bring the Kids Klub Gymbus to your daycare!
No transportation of children ever!

  • The Gymbus has been offering gymnastic lessons since 2004.
  • The Gymbus is owned and operated by Cathy Thorpe.
  • Ms. Cathy has degrees in Elementary Education, Gifted Education, and Elementary Administration.
  • She is the former owner of All Star Gymnastics (1992-1996) and the mother or four gymnast daughters.
  • She has been involved in all aspects of gymnastics since 1985.
  • Ms. Jenny Davlin, Ms. Cathy’s assistant on the Gymbus, has been working on the Gymbus for over 15 years.

Together, our goal is to provide each child who joins the Gymbus,
with the tools necessary to become physically fit for life!


The Gymbus travels throughout St. Louis and St. Charles counties providing gymnastics lessons to children at approximately 15 daycares, as well as weekly and monthly field trips to other centers in the area.


Our curriculum is designed to provide children with all the skills they would master in a gymnastic program offered at any of the gymnastic centers in the area. Our goal is to free up time in a parents’ busy evening by providing gymnastic lessons while their child is in daycare. Separate evaluation forms are used for 18 month – 3 year olds and for 3-5 year olds.

Each class is 30 minutes in length. We begin with a short warm up, followed by gymnastic instruction time, and a cool down activity at the end. Our program is 40 weeks long and divided into 4 terms (each 10 weeks long) and 2 sessions (each 20 weeks long). At the end of each term a participation award is given to every child. Every 20 weeks we also send home evaluation sheets so that parents can chart their child’s progress in the Gymbus.